Fall Fun

I can NOT believe it is almost November!!! It seems like I was just setting up my new classroom and meeting all of my sweet little firsties. As they say...don't blink! Time is certainly flying!!!

I have been SO busy learning about how things work in my new school and district, I haven't taken the time to blog. So I'm going to share some activities and just some fun stuff that we have been learning & doing the past few months in our classroom.

Decorating Portfolios
I always have my students decorate Portfolios (malina folders) the first day of school. We collect various work samples and projects in them. My students share their Portfolios at our Fall Student-Led Conferences!

Read To Self
Practicing Read To Self procedures and building stamina takes a lot of time. My students each have their own book  box with leveled books that are "JUST RIGHT" for them. They trade out their books independently once a week. We also pull a name stick out of our special baggy each day for a friend to get TEEPEE TIME!

My students keep these bookmarks in their Book Boxes and use them during Read to Self. Click the Pic to grab this FREEBIE from my TPT Shop!

Handwriting Literacy Station...Thank You Target Dollar Spot!!!

Class Thematic Writing Journals

Snack & Work
We have snack everyday in our classroom! My parents send in a bulk snack items for us to share. I purchased these little plastic cups at Wal-Mart. My students keep them stored in the top shelf of their lockers. When it's snack time, they get their cups and I simply pass out snack as they work or sometimes we sit on the rug and snack and have a read aloud!

Weekly Word Sort~Funky Phonics

Stretchy Snake Literacy Station

Click the Pic to check out this fun station!

Remembering 911...We Will Never Forget

 Hands-On Math FUN!!! 
Thank you Kim Adist & Michele Scannell...we LOVE your new Math Packets!!!

Beginning Sounds Match Literacy Station

Sight Word Literacy Station

Thanks SO much for stopping by!!! I hope you are having a great Fall Break!
Love & Hugs sweet friends❤️

First Week Fun!

I can't believe the "First Week of School" has come on gone...we've been having SO much fun!!!

We have been learning and practicing some MAJOR beginning of the year procedures:
Line Order
Group Time Procedures
Leader Jobs
Transition Procedures
Organizing Our Chair Pockets
Snack Time
Lunch Procedures
Literacy Stations
Math Tubs
Stack & Pack
Calendar/Morning Meeting...just to name a few;)

Read To Self

Our First Day Feelings...THANK YOU Ashley Reed!
We read First Day Jitters and then graphed our feelings. We LOVED this activity!!!
You can click my pic to grab Ashley's Apple Emojis FREEBIE.

Happy Birthday To You!🎶

Journaling Outside~ SO FUN!!!

Our First Day Picture...CHEESE!!!❤️

There's so much to learn for little ones...we practice building our "Stamina" every day and each day we work longer and stronger!

I absolutely LOVE teaching firsties!!!
Thanks so much for stopping by.❤️

Classroom Tour 2016

Welcome to my new classroom! 
Over the summer I moved to a new school in a new district. My new school/districy is MUCH closer to home (no more morning commute) and is also where my sons have gone to school the past 9 years. This change has been hard and amazing, all at the same time...hard because I miss my teacher friends, students, and families from my old school SO MUCH and amazing because I LOVE my new teacher friends, students, & families! 
They say change makes you wiser and I definitely feel like I have learned A LOT already!!! (And we've only been in school one week.)
Here are a few pictures of my classroom. I hope you enjoy and would love to answer any questions you may have!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Check back soon to see all the fun learning I will be doing with my new firsties this year. I hope you have an amazing school year!!!