Parent Night

It's SO hard to believe it's already the 4th Week of our Back to School BASH Linky!
And it's actually the 1st week of our 17th YEAR team teaching 1-2 multi-agers together too!
So we've been extremely busy getting prepared and time has just been flying the past few weeks.

We've LOVED linking up the past month with all of our new Bloggy Buddies! Be sure to hop around and read all of their blogs too. They have fantastic ideas and they are all so sweet!
Thank you Lindsay for all of your time and work in organizing our Linky Party...we appreciate you!!!

We had our Parent Night last Tuesday night. We had a HUGE turn out and LOVED having all of our firsties from last year running in for hugs and showing SO much joy about coming back with us as big 2nd graders this year. We AB-SO-LUTELY love looping them up with us each year...
multi-age teaching is the best~ it's SO beneficial for our kiddies and it's in our hearts.♥♥♥

This year our Back to School Extravaganza was "Come & Go" style! This worked out very well for us. As our families came in, they signed in first at a table we had set up outside our classroom. Then we asked them to find their child's locker. We had them unload their school supplies there.
 (That kept our room from looking like Target threw up everywhere. LOL) 

This year we made "You Are One Smart Cookie" treats & bookmarks for our sweeties! We set their treats, bookmarks, and paperwork for our parents at their child's table. As our parents read through our Handbook and filled out papers from the office and PTA, we visited with our students and had them put their bookmarks in a bookbox at their table. This helped us have bookboxes ready for starting Read to Self! The "Come & Go" style also gave us lots of time to visit with parents too. Then the last 20 minutes of the evening, our parents were invited to the gym for a gathering with our principle. She went over beginning of the year expectations: attendance goals, uniform policy, and Leader In Me visions.

We also made our teacher/school friends some little "Back to School" treats too!
These were inspired by the A-MAZING Rachelle Smith from What the Teacher Wants.
 We were watching her Periscope about these but we didn't get to see the whole scope. So we never saw here finished idea. But she was making little apple gifts with EOS lip balm. 
We LOVED the idea and came up with these little cards to stick ours in...
they turned out SUPER cute & were SO fun to giveaway!

Thanks so much for stopping by! We hope everyone that has already started Back to School is having a fabulous new year and all of our friends that are still on summer break...enjoy and best wishes for a great year when you go back!!!♥♥♥

Please feel free to Link Up and share your Parent Night ideas!!!☺

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