TPT Vegas 2015♥♥♥

TPT Team + Teachers = Brilliant Inspiration
TPT Vegas 2016 was truly an invaluable experience!!! 
We are so blessed & thankful that we were able to attend again this year.
We met countless teachers and TPT members that were genuine to the core. Each person we talked to really listened and had powerful information and experiences to share.

Our sessions & presenters were jaw-dropping, encouraging, funny, inspiring, & even mind-boggling! We learned SO much more this year and now have many new ideas to help us grow as individuals, teachers, partners, & business teacherprenuers. 

There were many moments we had tears in our eyes, chill bumps going down our spines, & flutters in our hearts. We honestly feel that we have made connections and friendships that will continue to grow and bond as we GO FURTHER TOGETHER!!!

Flat Abby AKA Babbling Abby from the Inspired Apple was our VERY FIRST blogger inspiration!!! So when we decided to take another "Flat Friend" with us this year, she was next on our list. We are SO happy that she was willing to have fun with us! We met so many teachers & friends of Abby's  that love and are also inspired by her. Thank you Abby...we adore you and can't WAIT to meet, hug, talk, laugh, & hug some more next year!♥♥♥  

Below is my first attempt at using Picmonkey...thank you Deedee Wills & Deanna Jump for sharing this in your session! I seriously saved SO much time using this!!! 
And thank you to everyone that stopped for a picture with us. We had the BEST time and we are already counting down for TPT Vegas 2016...
I wonder what "Flat Friend" will be coming with us next year, hmmmm???


  1. I so enjoyed meeting you both - and, of course, Abby!!!! Thank you for sharing your pictures!

  2. Your pics are AMAZING!! Isn't PicMonkey the best? Thanks for sharing!
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