Reflecting...2014-2015 School Year

 This was our 16th year team-teaching 1-2 Multi-Agers together! 
Our classroom got a wall knocked out over the summer so we were back in a 
Double Open Classroom...
SO THANKFUL that this was able to happen!!! 
(Being in one room the year before with 49 kiddos was a HUGE CHALLENGE to say the least!)
 We like to stay organized and we are constantly coming up with new ideas to help us. 
We made mini-anchor chart stands over the summer break. This is where we keep our spelling words posted each week. Our kiddos know they can use these as a reference as they work on their Funky Phonics activities throughout the week. 
We have labeled book tubs ALL OVER our room. Some are leveled and some are organized by theme. Our students use these to check out books for Read To Self & Read To Someone. 
We also have baskets for each table to keep their supplies, journals, folders, &  work organized in. Each student has a book tub and a copy keeper on their shelf too. 
We made the drawer organizer for our weeks plans: games, printables, read alouds, mini anchor charts, etc. are kept here! 
 We have always used Small Group Tables in our classroom...NO TEACHER DESKS. We pull Reading & Math Groups as well as individuals for One-On-One Teacher Time: 
writing conferences, data folder updates, assessments, fluency check-ups, etc.
 The rest of our pictures are just a few highlights from each month of our school year. 
We hope you enjoy them!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by...we hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and come back soon to visit and see what we're up to as we get ready for Year 17 Together!!! 
PS We have a Blog Makeover in the works and cannot WAIT to have our BIG REVEAL...
we are hoping it will be ready before school starts. 
We will be celebrating with a fun Giveaway, SOOOOO keep in touch friends! TTFN♥♥♥

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