Our Interactive Alphabet

We originally started making our Interactive Alphabet to help our struggling learners...
you know, the ones who need that little extra help, time, and repetition as they are learning new concepts and skills.

We often feel SO bad for these kiddos. We see them working very hard to understand but it just takes them a little longer than others.
This always makes us think of the book Leo the Late Bloomer by Robert Kraus.
We LOVE this book!!!

As we started to think about the activities we wanted to include in our Interactive Alphabet, we tried some out with our 1-2 multi-age sweeties. They absolutely LOVED working on these activities as they reviewed and practiced mastering alphabet sounds. We also wanted to make multi-level and engaging activities that would make learning fun. So while our students were working on learning alphabet sounds A-Z, they were also reading, writing, & spelling with these activities! 

Here is our Letter Bb packet. This can be download for FREE over in our TPT store!

This is our Letter Bb mini-book. Students trace and read words that begin with the letter b. Then they trace, color, and cut their book which also helps them develop their fine motor skills! This is an 8 page book that can be copied double sided. We actually like to put this in our Literacy Stations with magnetic letters so our students can build the words as they make their books!  

Next is our Letter b Search & Find. Our students LOVE this one! They sound out each picture and color it if it begins with the letter b: /b/, /b/, /b/. They leave the other pictures white. But we do have them color the background of the letter and the boy or girl that is on each page!

Here is our Letter b Poem. Students trace the poem, the BIG letter b, and color the picture. 
We put this in Literacy Stations too: 
we either use a sand tray or a gel baggy so our kiddos can practice making the letter b when they finish their poem. 

Ok, our kiddos LOVE any activity that includes using a spinner!!! So easy, a pencil & a paperclip... something EVERY teacher has! We often do spinner activities with partners. They take turns spinning and coloring the upper and lower case letter B/bs. (Again, we like to make learning FUN!)

Al-most every 1st & most 2nd graders need to practice and improve their handwriting skills. So this was a MUST for this packet! We used our Letter b poem again but this time they trace and then write their own upper/lower case letter B/bs. We really like this page because they can compare their independent writing with the tracing they did first. Then writing the "b words" at the bottom gives them a little more reading & spelling practice!

We have been clapping syllable with kiddos for 23 years...kids LOVE clapping, really anything they can do that involves MOVING and making noise while learning, Ha!

Bingo daubers are also another favorite resource in our classroom! We do have our students color all of the pictures FIRST and then "DOT" only the pics that begin with the letter b. This is another great one we put into our Literacy Stations.

More tracing, coloring, & cutting with our Flip-Flap Fun activity! After they complete this one, we have them read their flip-flaps to a friend;) They LOVE to do this! 

Finally, our Letter Bb crown...a BIG TIME favorite! Our students make their crowns and wear them all day. They are SO proud when talking about their crowns. And LOVE reading their "b words" to anyone around our school.☺

Our Interactive Alphabet: Letters Aa-Zz is available in a Growing Bundle. The price will increase as the bundle grows but you will ALWAYS save by purchasing the bundle! We are still teachers in the classroom and we know how much WE appreciate sellers putting products into bundles so we can save a little while shopping on TPT!

You can click the pic to check out our Interactive Alphabet Growing Bundle in our TPT store. 

If you are interested, the Handwriting Poems that we used in our bundle, they are also available separately in a packet in our store. We have these printed onto cardstock and laminated but also use them on our Smartboard in our classroom. We let our students "Skywrite" with their invisible pencils or sometimes we partner up to write on each others backs when practicing our Handwriting Poems with our Smartboard!

Thanks so much for stopping by friends! TTFN♥♥♥

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