Apple Glyphs

Glyphs Make Learning Fun...
We have been using glyphs to teach math concepts
in our classroom for years.

After sharing a picture on Instagram, 
we had many friends ask us to share how we use them.
So here is how we did our Apple Glyphs this year!

We had our apple question cards and 
apple circles (red, yellow, & green) pre-made.
Then as we asked each question, 
our students cut out the pieces they needed
 and added them to their apples to answer the questions. 

After we created our Apple Glyphs, 
we sorted them many different times with our students. 

As we sorted, we collected our data:
1. Which apple is liked the most?
2. How many boys/girls are there?
3. How many students like apple juice the best? 
Applesauce the best? or Apple Pie the best?
4. What season was liked the most/least?

Then we recorded our information in various ways:
*greater than, less than, equal (<, >, =)
*number equations (9 + 5 = 14)
*venn diagrams

When we record our data, 
we use different materials...
*large chart paper
*sentence strips
*sticky notes
*note cards
*butcher paper
*ellison di-cut shapes (ie. apples)

We hope this may give you some ideas 
about using glyphs in your classroom!
Have a great week friends.❤️

Blog Makeover Reveal!

Oh My stars ya'll~
We are BE-YOOOOND EXCITED to share our blog makeover with you!!!

We have been working with Tenille @designsbytenille for awhile now 
and didn't want to spoil the surprise 
but we have been dying to share it with you! 
Eeeeeeek...we are in LOVE with what she created for us!

If you're in need of a little makeover yourself, 
you should definitely check out her work.
She worked so well with us and tweaked little details 
until we got it all just right!☺
Thank you Tenille~We LOVE you!!!

So last week was our first week of school and we made our first Comprehension Chart with our sweet little 1-2 multi-agers. 
We love making comprehension charts...
they're VERY multi-level and SO beneficial to our little learners!

If you're asking yourself "WHY should I make comprehension charts?"

Here are just a few reasons...

 If you've never made one 
maybe these simple steps can help you:
1. Decide on a book you want to read with your students.
2. Create a chart (butcher paper works well for this) 
with sections for your focus. 
(We always have title, author, illustrator, & usually genre!) Then we figure out what we can focus on and add those sections too ie. nouns, verbs, adjectives, vowels, problem/solution, contractions, compound words, rhyming words, punctuation, the possibilities are ENDLESS!
3. Explain to your students that you are going to create 
a comprehension chart with them. 
This will help them understand the book better and 
make good connections as they learn to be better readers.☺
4. Plan on re-reading your book for 3-5 days and 
add on new information each day.
5. Have a culminating activity at the end of the week/study! 
We usually let our students make a little craftivity 
using construction paper and then have a little writing to go with it. 

Here is what we created with our kiddies last week!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
If you have any questions about using comprehension charts in your
classroom, feel free to comment and we will get back 
with you as quick as we can.☺

First Week Fun

Our "First Week" Back at School has been FULL of fun learning 
and getting to know you activities!

We have spent much of our time learning and practicing our procedures.
But we've also had lots of fun while getting to know each other!
Our 1-2 multi-agers sit at tables together so working together, respecting one another's space, and keeping materials organized are a few VERY important parts of our classroom. 

We are SO excited about our 2nd grade leaders that were our firsties last year!!! They have come in and taken on Leadership Roles by setting great examples for our new firsties...
multi-age is truly MAGICAL! 

Our students are SUPER focused during Journal Writing!!! (even WITHOUT Copy Keepers☺)
Our Picture Dictionaries are a resource our kiddos will use all year during Work On Writing.

Our Spin & Graph Vowels activities are such a FUN way to practice phonics skills!

We work with partners often and always make sure we thank our partners before we clean up.

We often plan Partner Work to help students encourage and motivate one another.☺

A smile says 1,000 words...we LOVE our Happy Hearts Classroom.♥♥♥

We hope you are having a fun & happy first week back to school...Thanks so much for stopping by! 
TTFN~ Victoria & Tricia♥

Parent Night

It's SO hard to believe it's already the 4th Week of our Back to School BASH Linky!
And it's actually the 1st week of our 17th YEAR team teaching 1-2 multi-agers together too!
So we've been extremely busy getting prepared and time has just been flying the past few weeks.

We've LOVED linking up the past month with all of our new Bloggy Buddies! Be sure to hop around and read all of their blogs too. They have fantastic ideas and they are all so sweet!
Thank you Lindsay for all of your time and work in organizing our Linky Party...we appreciate you!!!

We had our Parent Night last Tuesday night. We had a HUGE turn out and LOVED having all of our firsties from last year running in for hugs and showing SO much joy about coming back with us as big 2nd graders this year. We AB-SO-LUTELY love looping them up with us each year...
multi-age teaching is the best~ it's SO beneficial for our kiddies and it's in our hearts.♥♥♥

This year our Back to School Extravaganza was "Come & Go" style! This worked out very well for us. As our families came in, they signed in first at a table we had set up outside our classroom. Then we asked them to find their child's locker. We had them unload their school supplies there.
 (That kept our room from looking like Target threw up everywhere. LOL) 

This year we made "You Are One Smart Cookie" treats & bookmarks for our sweeties! We set their treats, bookmarks, and paperwork for our parents at their child's table. As our parents read through our Handbook and filled out papers from the office and PTA, we visited with our students and had them put their bookmarks in a bookbox at their table. This helped us have bookboxes ready for starting Read to Self! The "Come & Go" style also gave us lots of time to visit with parents too. Then the last 20 minutes of the evening, our parents were invited to the gym for a gathering with our principle. She went over beginning of the year expectations: attendance goals, uniform policy, and Leader In Me visions.

We also made our teacher/school friends some little "Back to School" treats too!
These were inspired by the A-MAZING Rachelle Smith from What the Teacher Wants.
 We were watching her Periscope about these but we didn't get to see the whole scope. So we never saw here finished idea. But she was making little apple gifts with EOS lip balm. 
We LOVED the idea and came up with these little cards to stick ours in...
they turned out SUPER cute & were SO fun to giveaway!

Thanks so much for stopping by! We hope everyone that has already started Back to School is having a fabulous new year and all of our friends that are still on summer break...enjoy and best wishes for a great year when you go back!!!♥♥♥

Please feel free to Link Up and share your Parent Night ideas!!!☺

First Day of School

We CANNOT believe it's already the 3rd Week of our Back to School BASH Linky! 
We go back to school ourselves this Friday and our kiddos come next Thursday the 20th.
Eeeeek...we still have SO much to do!!!

We have LOVED participating in this Linky with all of our new bloggy buddies:
They each have SO much to share and we have truly enjoyed reading all of their posts.
Thank you again to Lindsay for organizing our Back to School BASH Linky Party!!!

Here are a couple of ideas we use the First Week of School with our 1-2 multi-agers...

During the first week of school, we work hard to establish procedures in our classroom/school. We use Daily Five in our room sooooo learning to follow Read to Someone procedures is VERY important for us! (Especially with 47-50 kiddos.) 
Throughout the school year, we use mini-books that our students can read in 
class together and then take home to reread and collect in their book boxes at home. 
(Post about this will be Coming Soon!)

ABC Apple Book
This is a fun & silly alphabet book that our students LOVE!!!

Click HERE to download for FREE. 

Who Are You? Book
Another fun book that we have used for YEARS during the First Week of School is our "Who Are You"? book. This book helps us as we work to create a positive classroom environment. 
Our students truly relate to this book! 
They make connections with the silly characters and their own behavior.
In this book your students will meet: Butt-In Brown, Yelling Yellow, Greedy Green, Meany Magenta, Rudy Red, Whiny White, Tattle Tan, Betty Blue, Pouty Purple, and Pokey Pink, and everyone's favorite TOMMY TRYER!!!☺
I mean who wants to be a Rudy Red when you can be a Tommy Tryer and make your teacher SO happy and have lots of friends?

Click HERE to Check out our Who Are You? book in our TPT store!

We are SO excited to be starting our new GIVEAWAY this week! We will be using our Rafflecopter to give away 2 $50 Gift Cards to TPT!!! Be sure to enter below by following our blogs:
 leave your name &'s as simple as that;)

We would also LOVE for you to Link-Up below and share your post about YOUR First Day/Week of School. 

We hope ya'll have a FABULOUS First Day/Week of school!!! 
Thanks so much for stopping by...TTFN♥♥♥

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Hall Passes Freebie!

Do you buy or make new Hall Passes every year...and multiple times a year???
We DO~ But we've created a new style this year that will help your passes last!

The idea came to us after we made our Leader Necklaces last year. Our school became a Leader In Me School last year. So we wanted to have our leaders wear necklacess to recognize 
their strong,  positive leadership qualities. 
After we first made our necklaces, they began to break like our passes always do. Then our sweet neighbor Carla used her badge puncher to make our necklaces into badges...BRILLIANT!!! 
Thank you Carla!♥♥♥

We then borrowed Carla's badge puncher and turned our necklaces into badges too. 
And guess what???
NONE of them broke the rest of the year!!!
And so came to idea for Hall Pass Badges!
Click HERE to download our Hall Passes Freebie!

Click HERE to check out our Leadership Necklaces Badges on our TPT store.

You will need to print your Hall Passes onto cardstock and laminate them first. 
Then punch them with a badge/slot puncher. (We purchased our at Hobby Lobby but they have them on Amazon too.☺) 
Add a badge clip and you will be ready to go for the year!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by, 
we hope you enjoy using these with your kiddos and find them helpful to you.

Happy Back to School Friends♥♥♥

Meet the Teacher Ideas

Woo-Hoo it's Week 2 of our Back to School BASH!!!

We are linking up again with our super sweet Bloggy Buddies...they each have so many wonderful ideas to share! Enjoy and remember to Link Up and Enter our Rafflecopter Giveaway!!!

This week we are sharing ideas for "Meet the Teacher Night".
Oh GOODNESS, we have done SO many things over the last 16 years together for 
Meet the Teacher Night! 

We don't have a ton of pictures but we will share some ideas we have done...
1. Handbooks: We like to keep this simple because we don't want to put our parent on overload.
2. Homework Helper Bags: We made little lunch bags with sponge painted apples on the front! Inside we put a box of crayons, a pencil, eraser, scissors, glue stick, and bookmark with homework tips on it. This gave them supplies they may need at home to work on their homework.
3. Goldfish Treats: Have mini-bags of Goldfish for your sweeties with a tag that says "You're O-FISH-ally a 1-2 Multi-Ager"! (Of course whatever grade you teach.) We got this idea from Pinterest...So MANY ideas out there!!!
4. Pencil Toppers: Anything cute print onto cardstock, cut out, and tape onto fun pencils!
5, Sharing Smarboard Activities with Parents: Take time to share with your parents...We show them how we use Reading A-Z for some of our Shared Reading Lessons, Pebblego, GoNoodle, IREAD, etc...
6. Lockers: Find your name on your locker.
7. Bookmarks & Picking their Book Boxes: Take your bookmark from your table and pick which book box you want...put your bookmark in the box.
8. Wish List: Cute Ellison or Carson Dellosa cut-outs with items we need that are not provided from our school supply lists...parents pick which one(s) they want and take the cut-out with them.
9. School Supplies Area/Table: Have a specific spot ready. They pile up quickly!!! (Some teachers have them put them in their lockers...I think we may try that this year?
10. Volunteer Sign-Ups: Have sign-up sheets prepared for Paired Readers, Field Trips, Craft Day, Science Experiment Day, Career Day, etc...
11. Parent Forms: Have parent forms prepared so they can complete them in the room and not even have to take them home! (Walking Permission Slips for the year, Photo Release Permission Slips, School Volunteer Form, Lunch Forms, Fall Conference Sign-Up times, etc...

Here is our Handbook:


 Make sure you have entered to win our Bundle of Goodies and Share with a friend...only 1 day left until we announce our winners!
Thanks SO much for stopping by...we would LOVE for you to Link Up and share your ideas with us!

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Back To School BASH!

Week 1: Classroom Set Up & Organization

We are so, SO happy to be linking up, with so many new friends, to share our Back to School ideas!!!

Tricia & I have been team teaching 1-2 multi-agers together for 16 years...we're starting our 17th  year together this school year! So we have tried many, MANY classroom set-ups but one thing that's always been the same is, we have student tables (not desks) and we teach small groups from a table so we do not use a teacher desk.
So welcome to our "Happy Hearts Classroom"! We like to make our classroom very safe, fun, and happy...a place our students love and want to be.♥♥♥ (Some of these photos are older, as we are in the middle of putting our room back together right now. We will post another Classroom Tour in late August.☺)
We keep our weekly read alouds and printables in a drawer organizer that is labeled with the days of the week. Books for Home & Backs are kept in labeled & leveled baskets. (We use Reading From A to Z books for Home & Back Baggies.). They travel to/from school in a sturdy ziplock baggy with a parent note and reading log. 
We have monthly tubs for thematic activities and props. And just last summer, we started keeping monthly notebooks & subject area notebooks to keep all of our TPT printables organized in...SO MUCH BETTER THAN A FILE CABINET!!!☺

We have cubbies/mailboxes for each student to keep their supplies in: crayon baggies, homework folders, bulletins, etc. We keep a "Sub Tub" ready to go in case we are both ever gone on the same never gets used, Ha! We don't get subs. It's just easier to teach all 49 without having to explain all day what someone else needs to be doing. After all these years, we're like a little (old) well oiled machine. We like to keep a tub of clipboards for students that like to spread out on the floor while they are working. And they are often used for Literacy Stations and Math Tubs too! Our little rainbow colored pocket chart is magnetic and can separate into 4 charts. We use this one for our Monthly Word Walls...we have one for each month FREE in our store if you haven't seen them!

Back when we had 40-42 students, we had 10 student tables but for the last 5-7 years, we've had 47-50. Soooo we now have 11 student tables and then one computer table where students rotate throughout the day for IREAD. This is a district mandated program we have to use in our classroom. We just purchased Mel & Deanna's Scrappy Decor Packet and WE LOVE IT!!! We already had SO many scrappy friends in our room but we can NEVER have enough. We got the calendar printed, laminated, and posted this week.☺ 
We have numbers with 10 ten frames and number words to 20 posted. And our word wall goes with our Funky Phonics program. Each letter has a motion that goes with the picture! We start with a blank word wall every year and add 10-20 words a week...because we are multi-age, we add more than just 1st or 2nd. And we have MANY different word walls (not just a sight word one). One thing we added last year, was this little write & wipe calendar! It's GREAT...we keep our Specials rotation and any events for our students to read throughout the week. 

We have Leveled Book Tubs: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, & chapter books
These are for students to check out books for Read to Self and Read to Someone during Daily 5. We also have Thematic Book Tubs for them to check out too! AND they check-out 3 library books each week: 1 fiction & 2 non-fiction.☺

We have many bulletin boards in our room and we are working on changing the backgrounds from non-fade bulletin board paper to material...summer project!
The red board is our Happy Birthday Board and we will be using our Scrappy Decor Packet for that one. 
The blue one is for our Funky Phonics short vowels. We will add Word Families as we introduce them throughout the first few months of school. 
The purple one has our Reading Strategies posted. We also have these on a ring that we keep at grouptime and at our small group tables. 
The pink one is for our Daily 5 Procedures. We add onto this with our students as we model and practice our procedures during the first two of weeks. 
The orange one is for long vowel words with silent e...another Funky Phonics Unit!

Each table has 3 labeled baskets on a shelf near their table. They use these baskets to organize their  journals, work folders, picture dictionaries, fluency folders, copy keepers, and words we use when we write books.
Our rainbow colored baskets are used for Literacy Stations. Students can take the basket back to their seat or find a spot on the floor to work. (We also keep dictionaries, basal readers, and magazines on each shelf.)
The tubs with the blue lids are Math Tubs. Same with these tubs but they can only do Math Tubs during our Math Block. 

We just bought this super bright and fun garland this's hanging across all of our windows (That's A LOT of garland)!!! We bought it from Hobby Lobby...several trips and using our 40% off QR Coupon Code each time, LOL. 
We made our Leader Necklaces last year but changed them into badges. So they are "Brag Badges" now! So much easier to keep together. (The necklaces were always breaking.) We keep these clipped onto the cord that hangs down from our blinds. 
We have 2 doors because we have a double-open room. We have our 2 favorite quotes on them with glitter letters, scrappy kids, and polka dots...ALL THINGS HAPPY!!!☺
We keep all kinds of pointers in our room. This little bucket is one we painted YEARS ago. We just can't get rid of it. Almost 15 years ago, we hand painted and shipped Read the Room buckets with pointers all over the country...Can you say CRA-ZY??? (We were SO YOUNG!!!)

All of these word walls and anchor charts come down over the summer. We post them as we introduce new skills and refer to them all throughout the school year. We use every space we can find, cabinet doors, and any blank wall space that is eye level for our students. The ones shown here are more cards & charts from our Funky Phonics Units. 

You can visit all our bloggy friends here and link up yourself to join in our super fun Back to School BASH Linky Party!!!

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We want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Lindsay for putting this Linky together!!!
And thanks so much for stopping by. We hope you saw something that can help you as you get ready for your new school year. Feel free to ask any questions about our room...we LOVE to share!