Shared Reading Strategy

One of our favorite Shared Reading Strategies is making
Comprehension Charts!
We record and add onto our chart each day as we read and reread our 
Shared Reading story or text throughout the week.

This example shows a Comprehension Chart we created
while reading Jake Baked the Cake by B.G. Hennessy with our 1-2 multi-agers.

Comprehension Chart Components
Title: Story or Text
Before/During/After Reading: student's comments &/or questions
Vocabulary: words from the text that you discuss or clarify with students
Connections: student's responses to connections between the text and their experiences
Rhyming: or any other special words that may be in the text 
ex. compound words, nouns, verbs, adjectives, 
or any skill you want to focus on throughout your study
Other:For Jake Baked the Cake, we put community helpers in this section.

Our students refer to our charts as they work on many literacy assignments throughout the week.
They also use them when they work on their culminating activities.

Culminating Activity
For Jake Baked the Cake, our students created Group Posters.
They drew and colored Jake. Then recorded the Main Idea on cakes created out of construction paper.
Each layer of cake was a different color. 
Our students wrote a different part of the Main Idea on each layer:
Did What?
Then our groups decorated their cakes with foam shapes, sequins, and gems!

This was such a FUN and ENGAGING activity.
Our students were excited, motivated, involved, & used team work. 
They showed great pride in their work 
as they stood up together and presented their posters to their friends!!!

We hope this post has inspired you and given you a new idea to use during
Shared Reading with your class!
Thanks so much for stopping by~
Victoria & Tricia

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