Making Mental Images With Isabella

Today we are sharing an idea & a FREEBIE!!!

A few weeks ago, we introduced
 Mental Images & Visualizing to our class of 1-2 multi-agers.

First, we discussed our Mental Images Poster.
This really helped our students understand what mental images are.

We read the book, My Name Is Not Isabella...
Written By Jennifer Fosberry and Illustrated By Mike Litwin.

This was the PERFECT book for the beginning of the year as we were still working on our
Getting To Know You and All About Me activities!!!

Throughout this book, Isabella dreams of being many famous women leaders of our past. 
The beautiful illustrations show how Isabella visualizes being these leaders.

 It all starts when her mother goes in to wake her up for school...

She says that she is Sally Ride...

 Annie Oakley... 

Rosa Parks...

 Marie Curie...

Finally, at the end of the day, Isabella says that she is "Mommy" (so, so sweet) as she falls asleep 
to dream about who she will be tomorrow.

We all have dreams...what are yours? 

After reading our book, discussing, and introducing our reading strategy poster,
we did Think-Pair-Share to help our students make their Mental Images in their minds.

Our students closed their eyes for 1 minute. They thought about & visualized 
who they would like to be when they grow up.
(We used our timer for this activity.☺)
Then they opened their eyes and paired up with a shoulder partner next to them.
Partner 1 shared first about what they visualized, while Partner 2 listened. (1 min.)
Then Partner 2 shared about what they visualized, while Partner 1 listened. (1 min.)
Then we had some whole group sharing to discuss and encourage more details. 

Then our students went to work at their tables.
They drew pictures of their Mental Images and wrote who they want to be when they grow up! 

As you can see this activity is VERY multi-level...your students can just draw or draw & write!

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Thanks SO much for stopping by...Happy October sweet friends!♥♥♥

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