Oh SNAP, We're Late, Book Linky!

Ok, due to all the SNAPPING we did yesterday (I think we got 30 pictures for our scavenger hunt highlighted off of our list), we are a little late linking up!!!

But better later than never right???
Thank you Deanna Jump for starting this linky!!! We love linking up every week to share 
and read about all of the amazing books and ideas that everyone has.

This week we are going to share another book by Tim Bugbird... 
(are ya'll sick of these books yet? We hope not!☺)
Clara the Cookie Fairy!

Clara is a Girl Scout fairy. She makes and sells girl scout cookies...how cute is that?
Clara and her friends use the money they make to buy things they need for their camping trips. 

Clara's wand makes the sweet cookies, Kat's makes the pretty boxes, 
and Jan's wand makes the special bows to tie them all up!

But one evening, Clara sees a sign about wands that make cookies with chocolate chips. 
She decides she would rather have a new and better wand.

Clara picks the BIGGEST one and throws her old one away!
 (NEWER and BIGGER is always better right...hmmmmm?)

When Clara begins to whoosh and swoosh her wand around, it breaks!
 She never even makes one cookie with it.

The fairies get together and work hard to try and fix the wand.

But nothing they did will make it work. Kat thought Clara should go find her old wand. 
So off they go in search of  the garbage truck. They finally find a junkyard!

They look and look for hours! But they cannot find Clara's old wand. 

The fairies begin to get worried. They don't know how they will make money for their camping things 
if they have no cookies to sell.

Suddenly the fairies realize, all of the wands they have been trying, are making camping gear!!!

The fairies decide that all of these old wands are still good! So they set up a recycling center!!! 

 Then one day, a little fairy finds a wand that makes cookies...it is Clara's old wand!!!
Clara is so happy and thinks it is just as good as ever!
And way better than the NEW and BIGGER one that she had replaced her old one with.  

Care about and be thankful for what you have!☺

This book (like all of Tim Bugbird's fairy books) has many teaching opportunities! 

Rhyming Words: Jan-van, tradition-expedition, sweet-neat, bow-go, dine-sign, chip-slip, pay-away, 
brittle-middle, glue-do, track-back, low-meadow-below, cheer-here, overrun-one, around-found, well-sell, clear-gear, pans-cans, bats-hats, bikes-hikes, frown-around, venture-center, broken-open, surprise-skies, should-good, away-way

Vocabulary Words: scout, tradition, expedition, dine, brittle, junkyard, meadow, unwanted, overrun, fund, gear, kettles, tunes, hikes, transform, swap, recycle

Life Lessons: working hard, team work, perseverance, newer (or bigger) isn't always better, be thankful for what you have, recycling

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Now...we are off to PACK!!! We fly out to VEGAS tomorrow!!!
TTFN friends...but stay tuned because we will be blogging about a very special friend
 that is joining us on our trip! And we can't WAIT to share her with you!!!☺

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