Good News, Bad News

This post is being piggybacked from the adorable and funny book...
Good News, Bad News By Jeff Mack

We recently bought this book at our End-Of-The-Year Scholastic Book Fair! It is SO fun to read...our class just laughed and laughed when we shared it with them and our super sweet librarians at school absolutely LOVE this book!

So as we began to reflect on our AMAZING experience of attending the 
First Annual TPT Conference in Vegas,
we thought of this book!!!

Good News: meeting SO many enthusiastic & inspiring teachers & TPT members
Bad News: we didn't get meet everyone (tear)

Good News: learning FABULOUS new ideas on how to communicate & share
Bad News: our "To Do List" is now Longer. Than. Ever.
 (and we only have 30 days left of summer break)

Good News: Tricia and I were both able to attend (so thankful this was possible☺♥)
Bad News: we were not on the same flights

Good News: we got some fantastic pics for our Blog Hoppin' 2014 Scavenger Hunt
Bad News: we missed some REALLY good ones

Good News: we stayed in a nice hotel (The Venetian) & in the newly renovated rooms
Bad News: we never sleep good when we are away from home

Good News: great shopping & yummy food
Bad News: SUPER sore feet (I think we walked 40+ miles while we were there!)

Good News: Flat Mel went to Vegas with us...this made our trip SO special & very FUN!!!☺♥
Bad News: we missed the REAL Mel (and CANNOT wait for her to meet us next year)

Good News: we had a straight flight home
Bad News: our flight was delayed

Good News: we planned our 1st quarter Science & Social Studies themes during the delay
Bad News: Tricia went home the day before so we weren't together

Good News: I bought a new solar powered phone charger in Vegas so my phone didn't die 
and we text-planned together☺
Bad News: Tricia said it was storming in Tulsa

Good News: I took my Dramamine
Bad News: we had HORRIBLE turbulence...the worst EVER!

Good News: Johnny was with me to hold my hand
Bad News: I threw up on the plane anyways (sad face)

Good News: I got to sleep in my own bed last night☺
Bad News: still feeling jet lagged (got home at 1:30am)


The End...#untilnextyear #tptvegas2015 #alreadycountingdown

We hope you enjoy the pictures of our sweet Flat Mel in Vegas...espcially you Mel, wink~wink
(And please excuse any blurry pics, there are several, 
we were quite nervous meeting so many of our 
TPT and bloggy friends for the first time! #shakinglikealittleleaf)

Thank you to everyone that stopped, smiled, and loved on Mel...
we TRULY had a ball and will always remember our First Annual TPT Conference!♥♥♥

Thanks so much for stopping by...TTFN friends~
Victoria & Tricia♥♥♥


  1. We loved Flat Mel and we loved meeting you girls! Can't wait until next year!
    Christy & Tammy

  2. Thanks so much Christy & Tammy! We REALLY enjoyed your session and got some great new ideas to implement!!! Thank you for stopping by!☺
    Victoria & Tricia♥

  3. Ladies....I was SOOO super duper excited to meet you all (if you couldn't tell) finally! Thanks for bring my products to life with some awesome clip art and I really appreciate all the hard work you put into your clips. You both are very sweet ladies and I hope to meet you again in 2015, when we can spend more time together! Love You, Cara

  4. I loved meeting you guys and Flat Mel was just too cute for words!!
    First Grade Blue SKies