Celebration Search Party!

We have 1,000 TPT Followers!!!
Oh HAPPY Day...we were hoping to get to 1,000 followers before we went back to school!

To show our appreciate and do a little CELEBRATING, we are going to have a Search Party!
This party will last for 3 DAYS! EEEEK...we are SO excited and have had this planned for quite some time.

We normally have 61 free products in our TPT store BUT
 for the next 3 days we will mark ONE special item FREE for that day!!! 
Soooooo you will have to search our store each day to find the Special (regular priced item)
 that has been marked down to FREE!!! 

We hope you enjoy celebrating with us
and again...THANK YOU, for all of your love and support!
We are TRULY inspired by all of our friends & followers and 
your sweet, sweet words of feedback and 
encouragement. We LOVE you!♥♥♥

Just click the pic to go straight to our store and start searching...HAVE FUN!☺
(Feel free to share with your friends on FB or IG!)

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