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Well, I just got home from working 8 hours in our classroom...didn't sit down except to eat lunch.
I'm cheering for the USA and then it hits's TUESDAY!!! 
Ahhhh, I've got to link up with Mrs. Jump's Class!

So this week we've decided to share Camilla the Cupcake Fairy!!!
Another FABULOUS book by Tim Bugbird. Have you gone and looked up all of his fairy books yet?
After we found our first one, we went crazy collecting all of them!
(Oh, Boo...USA just lost~sad face.)

Well the story about Camilla is just as GREAT as the other two we've shared so far.
I've said it before...we cannot pick a favorite & we are LOVING sharing them with you!
(Now Chandler just came back in the room and said that he was going to go cry himself to sleep...sad, sad boy that USA lost. We are a soccer & football family!)

Ok, on with the book!!! 

It was Camilla's 5th birthday. The Pink Fairy Post sent her what she had dreamed of!

Her very first wand!

But what would she wish for...a party with dancing?

Maybe for a clean room?

But no, Camilla found out, it would make frosting for a cake!

Then she waved her wand and it went crazy! And looked what appeared on her cupcake!

So she waved it again and looked what happened this time!!!
Our kiddos LOVE this page!

So she tried one more wave...

Camilla was so sad. She wasn't sure what to do.
Then along came her teacher, Ms. Sprinkles! She encouraged Camilla to 
get help from her friends.

The fairies worked together and made the BEST cupcake EVER!!!

Friendship is such a gift.

There are so many teaching possibilities with this amazing book!

Vocabulary Words:  tore, gloee, waved, neatly, cartrwheeling, plain, straight, jerked, jiggled, break, bare, care, gently, covering, fancy, clue, state, steady, shone, tastiest, compared

Rhyming Words:  post-most, pot-got, glee-me, new-do, tight-night, noise-toys, dog, frog, make-cake, feet-treat, straight-wait, whirling-twirling, shake-break, air-bare, sound-round, care-there-where, be-see, slow-snow, mind-kind, right-night, luck-truck, do-clue, fun-done, phone-home, state-wait, tight-light, twinkles-sprinkles, found-ground, sweet-feet, compared-shared

Life Skills:  perseverance, asking for help when needed, working together, friendship

A wonderful activity you can do with any of Tim Bugbird's fairy books is "Rounding Up the Rhymes". 
This is an old 4-Block activity, if you've never heard of it. 
You read the book for fun this first time. Then read it again and chart the rhyming words.
Then compare the spelling patterns. 
Brainstorm more words that rhyme with the different pairs and check those spelling patterns. 
Discuss how knowing how to spell one word can help you spell another word when it rhymes!

Here is a little writing freebie for Camilla the Cupcake Fairy...
we hope you enjoy using this one with your sweeites!

Click the pic to download for free!☺

Click Camille to go straight to and grab a copy of Camilla the Cupcake Fairy for yourself!

Happy Tuesday Friends!!!♥

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