Celebration Search Party!

We have 1,000 TPT Followers!!!
Oh HAPPY Day...we were hoping to get to 1,000 followers before we went back to school!

To show our appreciate and do a little CELEBRATING, we are going to have a Search Party!
This party will last for 3 DAYS! EEEEK...we are SO excited and have had this planned for quite some time.

We normally have 61 free products in our TPT store BUT
 for the next 3 days we will mark ONE special item FREE for that day!!! 
Soooooo you will have to search our store each day to find the Special (regular priced item)
 that has been marked down to FREE!!! 

We hope you enjoy celebrating with us
and again...THANK YOU, for all of your love and support!
We are TRULY inspired by all of our friends & followers and 
your sweet, sweet words of feedback and 
encouragement. We LOVE you!♥♥♥

Just click the pic to go straight to our store and start searching...HAVE FUN!☺
(Feel free to share with your friends on FB or IG!)

Super Spatula Giveaway!

Hi Friends...today we are doing our First-Ever Blog GIVEAWAY!!!
We are SO excited to share this idea and pick a couple of winners!☺

Meet Super Spatula!!!

We created this cutie a few years ago to help motivate our class in striving for better behavior
 in our school cafeteria.
We were teaching at a school with over 1,200 students. Our cafeteria had 300+ students eating lunch at one time during each rotation!!! It was a bit loud and crazy at times...as you can imagine. 

So we made Super Spatula! The student with the best cafeteria behavior would get to lead the line back from lunch and carry Super Spatula...our 1-2 multi-agers LOVED Super Spatula!!! And we really noticed a positive change in their cafeteria behavior after we introduced him. 

If you would like to make your own Super Spatula, it's very easy and inexpensive:
*buy a $1 spatula (We got ours at Dollar Tree.)
*2 Big Googly Eyes
*a sheet of red foam
*a piece of red flannel

You can get these materials from your local craft store. 
We usually get ours from Hobby Lobby or Michael's.
Simply hot glue the pieces to your spatula and you're ready to introduce Super Spatula to your class!

Today we are going to giveaway 2 Super Spatulas with a Pete the Cat's Big Lunch book!!!

Simply leave us a comment on what food you think Victoria WILL NOT EAT???
She does not like the smell, taste, or feel of this food...
the first 2 friends to guess the correct food will win a Super Spatula and book!!!

So what do you think friends??? Let the guessing begin!!!☺

Happy Saturday ya'll...TTFN~
Victoria & Tricia♥♥♥

Good News, Bad News

This post is being piggybacked from the adorable and funny book...
Good News, Bad News By Jeff Mack

We recently bought this book at our End-Of-The-Year Scholastic Book Fair! It is SO fun to read...our class just laughed and laughed when we shared it with them and our super sweet librarians at school absolutely LOVE this book!

So as we began to reflect on our AMAZING experience of attending the 
First Annual TPT Conference in Vegas,
we thought of this book!!!

Good News: meeting SO many enthusiastic & inspiring teachers & TPT members
Bad News: we didn't get meet everyone (tear)

Good News: learning FABULOUS new ideas on how to communicate & share
Bad News: our "To Do List" is now Longer. Than. Ever.
 (and we only have 30 days left of summer break)

Good News: Tricia and I were both able to attend (so thankful this was possible☺♥)
Bad News: we were not on the same flights

Good News: we got some fantastic pics for our Blog Hoppin' 2014 Scavenger Hunt
Bad News: we missed some REALLY good ones

Good News: we stayed in a nice hotel (The Venetian) & in the newly renovated rooms
Bad News: we never sleep good when we are away from home

Good News: great shopping & yummy food
Bad News: SUPER sore feet (I think we walked 40+ miles while we were there!)

Good News: Flat Mel went to Vegas with us...this made our trip SO special & very FUN!!!☺♥
Bad News: we missed the REAL Mel (and CANNOT wait for her to meet us next year)

Good News: we had a straight flight home
Bad News: our flight was delayed

Good News: we planned our 1st quarter Science & Social Studies themes during the delay
Bad News: Tricia went home the day before so we weren't together

Good News: I bought a new solar powered phone charger in Vegas so my phone didn't die 
and we text-planned together☺
Bad News: Tricia said it was storming in Tulsa

Good News: I took my Dramamine
Bad News: we had HORRIBLE turbulence...the worst EVER!

Good News: Johnny was with me to hold my hand
Bad News: I threw up on the plane anyways (sad face)

Good News: I got to sleep in my own bed last night☺
Bad News: still feeling jet lagged (got home at 1:30am)


The End...#untilnextyear #tptvegas2015 #alreadycountingdown

We hope you enjoy the pictures of our sweet Flat Mel in Vegas...espcially you Mel, wink~wink
(And please excuse any blurry pics, there are several, 
we were quite nervous meeting so many of our 
TPT and bloggy friends for the first time! #shakinglikealittleleaf)

Thank you to everyone that stopped, smiled, and loved on Mel...
we TRULY had a ball and will always remember our First Annual TPT Conference!♥♥♥

Thanks so much for stopping by...TTFN friends~
Victoria & Tricia♥♥♥

Flat Mel is Coming To VEGAS!!!

Hey friends, we've got some SUPER exciting news...Flat Mel is coming to VEGAS with us!!!☺
You know the super-sweet & SUPER-talented graphics artist from Australia!

We've been a little (ok, a lot) sad thinking that Mel could not come to Vegas this year. So we've decided to make the best of it and make it fun for Mel too! 
We will be taking her everywhere with us and posting along the way. 
So follow along and be ready to get some pictures with her because she is excited and ready to join in all the fun. We will arrive tomorrow afternoon and can't wait to meet everyone!!!

TTFN~ See you in VEGAS baby!!!♥♥♥

Oh SNAP, We're Late, Book Linky!

Ok, due to all the SNAPPING we did yesterday (I think we got 30 pictures for our scavenger hunt highlighted off of our list), we are a little late linking up!!!

But better later than never right???
Thank you Deanna Jump for starting this linky!!! We love linking up every week to share 
and read about all of the amazing books and ideas that everyone has.

This week we are going to share another book by Tim Bugbird... 
(are ya'll sick of these books yet? We hope not!☺)
Clara the Cookie Fairy!

Clara is a Girl Scout fairy. She makes and sells girl scout cookies...how cute is that?
Clara and her friends use the money they make to buy things they need for their camping trips. 

Clara's wand makes the sweet cookies, Kat's makes the pretty boxes, 
and Jan's wand makes the special bows to tie them all up!

But one evening, Clara sees a sign about wands that make cookies with chocolate chips. 
She decides she would rather have a new and better wand.

Clara picks the BIGGEST one and throws her old one away!
 (NEWER and BIGGER is always better right...hmmmmm?)

When Clara begins to whoosh and swoosh her wand around, it breaks!
 She never even makes one cookie with it.

The fairies get together and work hard to try and fix the wand.

But nothing they did will make it work. Kat thought Clara should go find her old wand. 
So off they go in search of  the garbage truck. They finally find a junkyard!

They look and look for hours! But they cannot find Clara's old wand. 

The fairies begin to get worried. They don't know how they will make money for their camping things 
if they have no cookies to sell.

Suddenly the fairies realize, all of the wands they have been trying, are making camping gear!!!

The fairies decide that all of these old wands are still good! So they set up a recycling center!!! 

 Then one day, a little fairy finds a wand that makes cookies...it is Clara's old wand!!!
Clara is so happy and thinks it is just as good as ever!
And way better than the NEW and BIGGER one that she had replaced her old one with.  

Care about and be thankful for what you have!☺

This book (like all of Tim Bugbird's fairy books) has many teaching opportunities! 

Rhyming Words: Jan-van, tradition-expedition, sweet-neat, bow-go, dine-sign, chip-slip, pay-away, 
brittle-middle, glue-do, track-back, low-meadow-below, cheer-here, overrun-one, around-found, well-sell, clear-gear, pans-cans, bats-hats, bikes-hikes, frown-around, venture-center, broken-open, surprise-skies, should-good, away-way

Vocabulary Words: scout, tradition, expedition, dine, brittle, junkyard, meadow, unwanted, overrun, fund, gear, kettles, tunes, hikes, transform, swap, recycle

Life Lessons: working hard, team work, perseverance, newer (or bigger) isn't always better, be thankful for what you have, recycling

We've added this page into our Book Linky Freebies packet. Just click the printable to download for free!

And you can click Clara to visit amazon.com and grab this amazing book!

Now...we are off to PACK!!! We fly out to VEGAS tomorrow!!!
TTFN friends...but stay tuned because we will be blogging about a very special friend
 that is joining us on our trip! And we can't WAIT to share her with you!!!☺

Book Talk, Linky, & Freebie

Well, I just got home from working 8 hours in our classroom...didn't sit down except to eat lunch.
I'm cheering for the USA and then it hits me...it's TUESDAY!!! 
Ahhhh, I've got to link up with Mrs. Jump's Class!

So this week we've decided to share Camilla the Cupcake Fairy!!!
Another FABULOUS book by Tim Bugbird. Have you gone and looked up all of his fairy books yet?
After we found our first one, we went crazy collecting all of them!
(Oh, Boo...USA just lost~sad face.)

Well the story about Camilla is just as GREAT as the other two we've shared so far.
I've said it before...we cannot pick a favorite & we are LOVING sharing them with you!
(Now Chandler just came back in the room and said that he was going to go cry himself to sleep...sad, sad boy that USA lost. We are a soccer & football family!)

Ok, on with the book!!! 

It was Camilla's 5th birthday. The Pink Fairy Post sent her what she had dreamed of!

Her very first wand!

But what would she wish for...a party with dancing?

Maybe for a clean room?

But no, Camilla found out, it would make frosting for a cake!

Then she waved her wand and it went crazy! And looked what appeared on her cupcake!

So she waved it again and looked what happened this time!!!
Our kiddos LOVE this page!

So she tried one more wave...

Camilla was so sad. She wasn't sure what to do.
Then along came her teacher, Ms. Sprinkles! She encouraged Camilla to 
get help from her friends.

The fairies worked together and made the BEST cupcake EVER!!!

Friendship is such a gift.

There are so many teaching possibilities with this amazing book!

Vocabulary Words:  tore, gloee, waved, neatly, cartrwheeling, plain, straight, jerked, jiggled, break, bare, care, gently, covering, fancy, clue, state, steady, shone, tastiest, compared

Rhyming Words:  post-most, pot-got, glee-me, new-do, tight-night, noise-toys, dog, frog, make-cake, feet-treat, straight-wait, whirling-twirling, shake-break, air-bare, sound-round, care-there-where, be-see, slow-snow, mind-kind, right-night, luck-truck, do-clue, fun-done, phone-home, state-wait, tight-light, twinkles-sprinkles, found-ground, sweet-feet, compared-shared

Life Skills:  perseverance, asking for help when needed, working together, friendship

A wonderful activity you can do with any of Tim Bugbird's fairy books is "Rounding Up the Rhymes". 
This is an old 4-Block activity, if you've never heard of it. 
You read the book for fun this first time. Then read it again and chart the rhyming words.
Then compare the spelling patterns. 
Brainstorm more words that rhyme with the different pairs and check those spelling patterns. 
Discuss how knowing how to spell one word can help you spell another word when it rhymes!

Here is a little writing freebie for Camilla the Cupcake Fairy...
we hope you enjoy using this one with your sweeites!

Click the pic to download for free!☺

Click Camille to go straight to amazon.com and grab a copy of Camilla the Cupcake Fairy for yourself!

Happy Tuesday Friends!!!♥