New & Improved Copy Keepers

Happy Saturday friends! We are SO excited about making our New and Improved Copy Keepers this summer! So we are going to share with you the "How To's" in making them.☺

First, we must say that because of our partnership with TPT, all of our hard work,
& the little extra income we've saved from our 2 Super Teachers store,
we were able to invest in these super cool cardboard dividers!


Click the picture below to visit Really Good Stuff. 

While you are waiting for your dividers to arrive, you can purchase, print,
 & prep the pages for your Copy Keepers!

Click the picture to see the preview up close and purchase your Copy Keepers at our TPT store.☺

After you download and print the pages, you need to laminate and cut them out.
Then you will mount the 3 pages to each of the inside panels of your dividers.

We used Mavalus Tape to attach ours this year. This is a Super-Duper mounting tape
that we purchased at our local teacher supply store. (The Apple Tree)
But it is available at for all of you Amazon shoppers!☺

We have used our Copy Keepers for years...but we usually mount them to file folders and laminate the folders (after gluing each page to the folders with rubber cement AND stapling the folders together)!  This new and improved process has saved us HOURS!!! We are SO thrilled with how they turned out and we can't wait to share them with our new 1-2 multi-agers next school year!☺

If you already use or start using our Copy Keepers in your classroom, we would LOVE to hear about how they help you and your kiddies! We hope this is helpful as you prep materials for your classroom next year!

TTFN friends!♥♥♥

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