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Hi friends! We are so happy to be linking up with Mrs. Jump's Class again!!!

This week we will talk aboout Tim Bugbird's book
Izzy the Ice Cream Fairy!!!

Izzy and her fairy friends live on an island and sold ice cream that flowed from a well.

They saved all of their money to make their carnival float. They won "Best in Show" each year!

Then one day, the well ran dry. What would they do?

They surfed the fairynet (internet) for ideas.

They finally discovered Ice-Cream Land.

The Queen said that they had TOO much ice cream. 
The fairies said, "Can we work together'?

They dug and dug until they had enough ice cream to take home. Then they traveled back home. 

But their trip took so long, 
they didn't have time to make a float for the carnival! But they joined right in with their "Rent-a-Truck".

Izzy and her friends did not win this year but that were so happy giving their new ice cream to everyone...it didn't even matter.

The fairy friends were happy they worked together 
and made a new far away friend!

Rhyming Words: land-stand, well-shell, directions-confections, float-vote, well-sell, clue-do, chilly-silly, right-fright, sand-land, mountains-fountains, queen-cream, lost-frost, funny-sunny-money,
 luck-truck, clear-year, nights-lights, cried-ride, would-good, surprise-size, light-sight, crowd-proud, mind-kind, team-cream

Vocabulary Words:  scooped, famous, flavours, wafer, confections, fund, carnival, vote, peered, well, modern, abundance, results, fright, palms, delay, fountains, hampered, fog, float, fortune, splendid, serving

Life Skills: team working, problem solving, don't give up, making new friends, it's ok to not always win, giving feels better than receiving 

Again...there is SO much you can do with this book! 
We decided to make a Problem/Solution FREEBIE this week. 
We hope you enjoy using this with your kiddies and 
we would LOVE to hear your feedback!♥♥♥

Just click the pics to download for free!!!

You can get this adorable book at amazon.com. 
Just click the book to go straight there!

Now...how to decided which fairy book we will share next week!?!?!☺

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