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Daisy The Donut Fairy
Written By Tim Bugbird & Illustrated By Lara Ede

We are SUPER excited to link up with Mrs. Jump's Class to share great books, ideas,
 and resources with so many of our bloggy friends!!!

 We think this is the BEST LINKY EVER because we L.O.V.E. books!♥♥♥

We are COMPLETELY addicted to Tim Bugbird's fairy books!!! 
And this is why...
They RHYME, they have excellent VOCABULARY words, they are BEAUTIFULLY illustrated,
 they teach important LIFE SKILLS
and BEST of all...they are SOOOO fun to read!!!

ALL of his fairy books are so amazing, we honestly CANNOT pick a favorite one!

Our kiddies have been going CRAZY over these books...EVEN our boys!!!
They beg us to read them on a daily basis and
they ALL want them in their book boxes for Read to Self!!!

This week  we are going to focus on
Daisy the Donut Fairy!!!

Daisy is a mermaid fairy that lives on an island 
and makes donuts with her mermaid fairy friends.

But Daisy and her friends make SOOOO many donuts, they have no more room for them!

The fairies brainstorm different ideas on what to do with all of the donuts...
but none of their ideas work.

Then one day, Pancake Pete and his mate wreck their ship.

But Daisy and her friends are VERY smart and save the pirates! 
They use their donuts as floaties!!!

Daisy and her friends are scared of the pirates until they meet them.
Then they all became friends!

The fairies and pirates start working together and
help save others with their donut dinghies!!!

LIFE LESSONS: Working together & Helping others

Tim Bugbird's fairy books are so FUN to read...you've got to check them out!!!

Vocabulary words: island, mermaid, mountains, tower, clan, plan, dangle, awful, aboard, fearsome, overboard, peering, float, bobbed, shore, quiver, dinghies, grateful, search, rescue, sink

Rhyming words: sea-Dee, flew-do, hour-tower, clan-plan, hours-powers,
wished-squished, through-glue,
good-should, try-by, Fred-head, sink-pink, fast-last, boat-float, shiver-quiver, bad-had, 
do-rescue, together-weather, fun-one

The teaching possibilities are truly endless with Daisy and her fairy friends!!!

We thought you might enjoy this FREEBIE to go with Daisy the Donut Fairy...
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You can purchase Daisy the Donut fairy at amazon.com.


  1. This book is ADORABLE! I haven't seen it, but now I want the whole series! Thanks so much for the fun suggestion! Have a great week!
    Peace, Love, and First Grade

    1. Thanks so much Laura! We will be sharing another fairy book in tomorrow's book linky and a freebie to go with it!!!☺
      Victoria & Tricia♥♥♥

  2. My daughter has this book and it is a nightly read for us! I love the pictures! Your paper that accompanies the story is adorable! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Cindy☺ We have ALL of the fairy books and will be sharing another one in tomorrow's book linky!
      Victoria & Tricia♥

  3. This book looks so cute! I'm going to have to use it this year for letter D day of our alphabet preview! Thanks for the fun, new book (and for following me!)


    1. Yay! So happy to hear you like it and find it useful!!! We will be sharing another fairy book in tomorrow's book linky!☺
      Victoria & Tricia♥♥♥

  4. A donut fairy???? Two of my very favorite things in the same book! Thank you so much for sharing and for the freebie! I can't wait to check this series out.

    Shafer's Shenanigans 

  5. LOL...Hi Susie☺ Tim Bugbird's fairy books are SO addicting!!! We will keep be sharing a different one each week. So be sure to stop by again next week. Hope you're having a great summer!
    Victoria & Tricia♥