New & Improved Copy Keepers

Happy Saturday friends! We are SO excited about making our New and Improved Copy Keepers this summer! So we are going to share with you the "How To's" in making them.☺

First, we must say that because of our partnership with TPT, all of our hard work,
& the little extra income we've saved from our 2 Super Teachers store,
we were able to invest in these super cool cardboard dividers!


Click the picture below to visit Really Good Stuff. 

While you are waiting for your dividers to arrive, you can purchase, print,
 & prep the pages for your Copy Keepers!

Click the picture to see the preview up close and purchase your Copy Keepers at our TPT store.☺

After you download and print the pages, you need to laminate and cut them out.
Then you will mount the 3 pages to each of the inside panels of your dividers.

We used Mavalus Tape to attach ours this year. This is a Super-Duper mounting tape
that we purchased at our local teacher supply store. (The Apple Tree)
But it is available at for all of you Amazon shoppers!☺

We have used our Copy Keepers for years...but we usually mount them to file folders and laminate the folders (after gluing each page to the folders with rubber cement AND stapling the folders together)!  This new and improved process has saved us HOURS!!! We are SO thrilled with how they turned out and we can't wait to share them with our new 1-2 multi-agers next school year!☺

If you already use or start using our Copy Keepers in your classroom, we would LOVE to hear about how they help you and your kiddies! We hope this is helpful as you prep materials for your classroom next year!

TTFN friends!♥♥♥

Let's Talk About Books! Linky

Hi friends! We are so happy to be linking up with Mrs. Jump's Class again!!!

This week we will talk aboout Tim Bugbird's book
Izzy the Ice Cream Fairy!!!

Izzy and her fairy friends live on an island and sold ice cream that flowed from a well.

They saved all of their money to make their carnival float. They won "Best in Show" each year!

Then one day, the well ran dry. What would they do?

They surfed the fairynet (internet) for ideas.

They finally discovered Ice-Cream Land.

The Queen said that they had TOO much ice cream. 
The fairies said, "Can we work together'?

They dug and dug until they had enough ice cream to take home. Then they traveled back home. 

But their trip took so long, 
they didn't have time to make a float for the carnival! But they joined right in with their "Rent-a-Truck".

Izzy and her friends did not win this year but that were so happy giving their new ice cream to didn't even matter.

The fairy friends were happy they worked together 
and made a new far away friend!

Rhyming Words: land-stand, well-shell, directions-confections, float-vote, well-sell, clue-do, chilly-silly, right-fright, sand-land, mountains-fountains, queen-cream, lost-frost, funny-sunny-money,
 luck-truck, clear-year, nights-lights, cried-ride, would-good, surprise-size, light-sight, crowd-proud, mind-kind, team-cream

Vocabulary Words:  scooped, famous, flavours, wafer, confections, fund, carnival, vote, peered, well, modern, abundance, results, fright, palms, delay, fountains, hampered, fog, float, fortune, splendid, serving

Life Skills: team working, problem solving, don't give up, making new friends, it's ok to not always win, giving feels better than receiving 

Again...there is SO much you can do with this book! 
We decided to make a Problem/Solution FREEBIE this week. 
We hope you enjoy using this with your kiddies and 
we would LOVE to hear your feedback!♥♥♥

Just click the pics to download for free!!!

You can get this adorable book at 
Just click the book to go straight there! to decided which fairy book we will share next week!?!?!☺

Let's Talk About Books! Linky

Daisy The Donut Fairy
Written By Tim Bugbird & Illustrated By Lara Ede

We are SUPER excited to link up with Mrs. Jump's Class to share great books, ideas,
 and resources with so many of our bloggy friends!!!

 We think this is the BEST LINKY EVER because we L.O.V.E. books!♥♥♥

We are COMPLETELY addicted to Tim Bugbird's fairy books!!! 
And this is why...
They RHYME, they have excellent VOCABULARY words, they are BEAUTIFULLY illustrated,
 they teach important LIFE SKILLS
and BEST of all...they are SOOOO fun to read!!!

ALL of his fairy books are so amazing, we honestly CANNOT pick a favorite one!

Our kiddies have been going CRAZY over these books...EVEN our boys!!!
They beg us to read them on a daily basis and
they ALL want them in their book boxes for Read to Self!!!

This week  we are going to focus on
Daisy the Donut Fairy!!!

Daisy is a mermaid fairy that lives on an island 
and makes donuts with her mermaid fairy friends.

But Daisy and her friends make SOOOO many donuts, they have no more room for them!

The fairies brainstorm different ideas on what to do with all of the donuts...
but none of their ideas work.

Then one day, Pancake Pete and his mate wreck their ship.

But Daisy and her friends are VERY smart and save the pirates! 
They use their donuts as floaties!!!

Daisy and her friends are scared of the pirates until they meet them.
Then they all became friends!

The fairies and pirates start working together and
help save others with their donut dinghies!!!

LIFE LESSONS: Working together & Helping others

Tim Bugbird's fairy books are so FUN to've got to check them out!!!

Vocabulary words: island, mermaid, mountains, tower, clan, plan, dangle, awful, aboard, fearsome, overboard, peering, float, bobbed, shore, quiver, dinghies, grateful, search, rescue, sink

Rhyming words: sea-Dee, flew-do, hour-tower, clan-plan, hours-powers,
wished-squished, through-glue,
good-should, try-by, Fred-head, sink-pink, fast-last, boat-float, shiver-quiver, bad-had, 
do-rescue, together-weather, fun-one

The teaching possibilities are truly endless with Daisy and her fairy friends!!!

We thought you might enjoy this FREEBIE to go with Daisy the Donut Fairy...
just click the pic to grab it from our TPT store!

You can purchase Daisy the Donut fairy at

A Year In Review

Ok friends, we have not kept up with the blogging world at all this year!
Sooooo this is going to be a BIG post reviewing some of our highlights...

 This was our 15th year of team-teaching together...but it was a VERY different year for us!!! 1. We moved to a new school, (after being in the same school for 16 years) which is absolutely AMAZING!!! We LOVE our new school! 2. We had ALL 2nd graders!!!
3.  AND WE WERE IN ONE ROOM (with 48 kiddos)!!!

When we moved to our new school, we were given 2 rooms but we didn't want to separate. We had team-taught for 14 years and we TRULY believe multi-age and teaming it is SO VERY beneficial for most children!!! We thought, sure we can fit 40 little 1-2 multi-agers in one problem. See, it's an older building with oversized rooms. So we spent all last summer unpacking and setting up our new room. Our 2nd room was used for storage.
We loved our room and had so much fun setting it up!!!

Then a week before school started, there was a change in numbers and staff. Soooo our firsties had to go into the other first grade classrooms and we had to become ALL 2nd grade...eeeeek!!! We had never done this before. But then we thought of the advantages and got excited wanted to make the best of it!

The first day came, we started with 40 little sweeties...literally, the sweetest class ever! By the end of the 2nd week, we were at 46! We had to use Mrs. Crutchfield's small group table for our students!!! It seemed a bit crazy and we actually thought...should we separate? But we decided to "Stick Together" and make it through this new change and new year with each other...and that's just what we did!
We were little sardines and we eventually grew to a class of 48!!!
(We actually had 49-50 at one point in the year! That is the MOST we've ever had together!)

As the year went by, and our 48 sweeties grew and GREW, our room seemed to get smaller and SMALLER. So being the dreamers we are, we mentioned how great it would be if our district could open up our room by knocking out part of the wall between the room next to ours. Our principle really listened to us and they are actually doing this for us!!! (We will post about that transformation later this summer.) YES, our principle is FABULOUS, AMAZING, WONDERFUL but most of all, she is SUPPORTIVE and believes in how we teach!!!

We couldn't have made it this year without all of our little helpers...they passed out breakfast, cleaned up breakfast, wiped the tables, took the trash out, turned the lights on and off, turned the air on and off, passed out materials, picked up materials, cleaned the floors, our microwave, our mini-frig, grabbed our keys, glasses, jackets, when we needed them, we think they could have probably run the room if we weren't there!!! They were an AMAZING group and we will miss them dearly...their 3rd grade teachers are SO lucky to have them next year!!!

Looking back at this year, we have to admit, it was difficult being in one room. BUT we absolutely know in our hearts that our students learned SO much!!! Not only about academics, but how to work together and think of others along the way.
              We could not be prouder of all the progress that each of them made!!!               
 And we LOVE each of them so, so much!♥♥♥

Lastly, it was a different kind of "Last Day" because we had all 2nd graders. Usually our firsties come back to us the next year. So we had to say good-bye to them all...making them promise to still say "Hi" to us in the hall when they are BIG 3rd graders!!!