Writing Buddies

When we started off this school year and learned that we were going to teach all 2nd graders (We've taught 1-2 multi-agers together for 15 years.) we thought we would have a class full of writers! Writing at the beginning of the school year for 1st is SO different than beginning 2nd...so we thought we would be editing and publishing right away.
But we were wrong. 
We had some very, very bright and capable students that just weren't motivated to write.
And we write in our room EVERYDAY...so we had to find a way to reach these kiddos!!!
That's when we came up with the idea of "Writing Buddies"!☺
We put together a packet of writing frames that give our students the
main character(s) and the setting for a story.
Then they work with a writing buddy to create a story with a beginning, middle, and end.
We use Writing Buddies now once a week and ALL of our students are writing and they are even writing more in their journals now too...our plan worked!!! Our students are now excited about writing and they LOVE sharing their creations during Author's Chair every day.
Here are the procedures we follow each time we prepare to write with our buddies:
*sit at grouptime and introduce the main character(s) and the setting
*discuss and share
*do Think-Pair-Share: use a timer...1st min. everyone closes their eyes and thinks about events that could take place with the character(s) and the setting, turn to a partner at grouptime, partner 1 hold up 1 finger, partner 2 hold up 2 fingers, remind students that partner 1 will talk for the 1st min. while partner 2 listens, then partner 2 will share on the 2nd min. while partner 1 listens. then set your timer and let partner 1 share, then set your timer again, and let partner 2 share.
*after Think-Pair-Share, share and discuss again as a whole group
*review procedures about writing with a buddy: find a good spot for you and your partner, get started right away, share ideas, plan, write together, write the whole time.
(Each student has their own paper but they are creating the same story together.☺)
Writing Buddies has truly changed our students' feelings about writing. They get SO excited when they see us set out our Writing Buddies paper each week!

If you would like to get a closer look at our Writing Buddies Packet, just click the pic to preview it at our 2 Super Teachers store on TPT!♥♥♥