Back in SEPTEMBER!!!


We had such a great time at our first Family Literacy Night this year!
        We started off with our Apples, Apples, Everywhere book on the smartboard.  
            (This book is in our Johnny Appleseed Mini-Unit on our 2 Super Teachers store on TPT!)
We read AND we sang our book!!!
The tune to the song is Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Then we discussed the importance of reading at home everyday...and all of the different ways parents can read and help they child read at home.
While our students and families worked on making their books and apple pointers, we called them over to our snack table to make "Apple Smiles"! Then they went back to their tables and completed a writing frame about how they made their apple snack. We had a BALL!!!
Before our families left, we had a Book Giveaway and gave our parents a handout on reminders about how to help their child read at home.
We truly had such a wonderful time with ALL of our families...THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR FAMILIES FOR PARTICIPATING!☺

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