Happy Labor Day!!!

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We hope you enjoy your day off and your short 4 day week back at school!!!♥♥♥

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Our First Week Back!!!

So we've had our first full week back to school...and we have some news!
We are going to be ALL 2nd grade this year. WOW...really different for year #15 of teaming.
We knew there was a chance this might happen. Our numbers weren't high enough for another 1st grade section. But as our Best Friend Pete the Cat says, "It's All Good"!!!
We are so happy in our new school and we are still teaming. And honestly we have just as many levels in this 2nd grade double section as we would normally.
So we will just keep doin' what we do best...team-teach multi-levels.♥♥♥
(And we were going to cry like babies if we had switched the one group of 2nd graders we started with back to a new 1st grade group
because we've already fallen in love with all of them!)
Here are a few pics of our first activities!

This was our very first Work on Writing block...learning to build stamina!☺

AND...our very first Read to Self block. Their stamina was SOOOOO great!
They are READERS!!!
We were doing the Happy Teacher Dance and high fiving!!!☺
It's taken all week but we've read one-on-one with almost all 46 kiddos. We are getting their book levels individualized...a few more to do on Tuesday & we will be good to go!
Making our Groovy Friend...Pete the Cat! (no tracers involved)
And here are a few of the finished products.☺
We've really had the Best First Week Ever!!!
We have a super fun week planned for next week and some surprise pics to post...
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Johnny Appleseed Common Core Mini-Unit.
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