Classroom Tour

We've been back in school for 2 days now and we are loving our new room!!!
It took a lot of printing (TONS OF INK...eeeek), a lot of lamination (CUTTING...ugh), a lot of organizing, and A LOT of work but it was SOOOO worth it.
We think our new kiddos love it and we think they feel very happy here!♥♥♥
This is the outside and inside of our door.
These are our two small groups tables...we don't use desks. And a view from each end of the room. We are in one room this year so it's a very tight fit!!!
(We are usually in a double room.) We are hoping they can make a big hole in the wall and open up to the room next door for next year...wink-wink!☺
Shelves: Each shelf is numbered and labeled. They have matching labeled baskets and caddies. Our group leaders for each table keep their shelves organized.
Leveled Book Tubs: We have leveled book, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink. We also have a tub for chapter books. 
Our books have colored sticker dots on the front cover.
Our students trade out their books independently once a week.
They use their book boxes for Read to Self and Read to Someone during Daily 5.
Calendar: We use our smartboard for our actual daily calendar lesson. But we always keep a pocket chart calendar for students to refer to during the day.
This one is part of our Happy Hearts Décor Pack!☺
Thematic Word Wall: Our new 4 color pocket's magnetic! SUPER COOL!!! We have our Ice Cream Vocabulary in right now. (from our Common Core Ice Cream Bundle)
Our Agenda: We use the super cute freebie cards from Cara Carroll...thanks Cara!
Who Are You?: Tommy Tryer and Friends...Pete the Cat is our behavior cheerleader this year!☺
Common Core: Our Apple is hanging next to our pocket chart that will display
our standards for the week.
We have been making new Library Labels for a few weeks now. Look for a FLASH FREEBIE on these cuties later today...wink-wink!
This is our Happy Hearts Word Wall...our favorite we've ever had! Also Fact Families bulletin board display and our super fun baby lanterns above our door.☺
These are our locker clips. Right now they have our name tags on them. But next week our name tags will move to the lockers and we will display our students work on their clips.
Our little friend Pete the Cat will be first up!
This was our Preview Night table. We had 39 out of 47 families come.
What an amazing turn out...we had so much fun meeting all of our new families!!!♥
Then on the first day, these adorable homemade cupcakes
were made for our whole sweet!☺
So after 2 days, we have already fallen in love with all of our new sweet kiddos, their families, and our new Hoover Family!!!♥♥♥