Catching Up

WOW! A month has come and we need to catch up and share some news!

During our last month of school we were "Crazy Busy" doing all of our DIBELS, SRI, TRC, Report Cards, Sectioning Cards, Data Notebooks, Fieldtrips, Ballet, Awards, Awards Assemblies, the list goes on & on!
In the middle of all this, we got a phone call from a dear friend....she was offering us a position at her school! Us? Together? We can still teach 1-2 multi-agers and stay together?
We couldn't believe it!!!
But then we got a 2nd phone call from another dear friend, at another school!
 We were in shock!!! Was someone trying to tell us something? We'd like to believe so.
So we went on the interviews with a looooong list of questions in hand. See we've been at the same school for 17 & 15 years!!! So leaving and moving to a new school was a MAJOR decision for us. We prayed and prayed and prayed some more.
Then we finally made our decision...we were going to follow our hearts out the window that had opened up for us.
So the packing began...what a chore! But we got everything moved in two days...thanks to Airgroup. (Victoria's husband's freight company & sons)
They came and loaded a-l-m-o-s-t everything in one huge truckload.
Since the move, Tricia has been to Disneyworld with her family. Victoria has been working on new products and shopping for the new classroom!
Now we are patiently waiting for our new room to be cleaned...then it's time to organize & DECORATE!!! Check out our super cute Target finds...lanterns, garland, & book tubs!
We are working on our first "Classroom D├ęcor" set...
A Happy Hearts Classroom. We are making this to match our blog. Below is a little sneak peek at some bunting and alphabet cards. We hope you like it!


  1. Loving the decor pack - great colors!

    I have a questions for you ladies, but don't see a way to PM you. Please email me at my blog site.

    Jill in BA

    1. Hi Jill! We just emailed you on your blog. You can also "Like" us at 2 Super Teachers on Facebook. And we can message there too. We look forward to visiting with you!

      Victoria & Tricia♥