I'm A Little Hermit Crab FREEBIE!!!

Hermit Crab

Poem & Craftivity

After reading A House For Hermit Crab by Eric Carle,
our class made hermit crabs
using scrapbook paper for their shells.
We do not use patterns with our kiddos but
we have made a set of patterns for you in this freebie!

Then we read our I'm A Little Hermit Crab poem. We wrote this poem ourselves! It can be sung to the tune of I'm A Little Teapot. After reading our poem, we charted the rhyming words, checked the spelling patterns,
and brainstormed more rhyming words
 that followed these patterns~
this is a procedure we always use
when learning new poems.

A very sweet neighbor teacher fell in love with our crabs and said that she was going to read
A House For Hermit Crab.
Then she was going to relate hermit crab looking for his new shell to her students moving to the next grade.
She is doing this to make the transition
fun and not scarey!!!
Thanks for sharing your idea Ashley...we heart you!♥

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A Mother's Day FREEBIE!!!

Birdhouse Craftivity, Poem, & Bracelets
Our students made birdhouses using scrapbook paper for the square shape of their birdhouse. They did not use patterns to make their birdhouses but we have made a pattern for you to use with your class if you would like. They glued the poem we wrote to the top of their birdhouse and wrote messages to their mom's on the back. Then they made bracelets using beads and stretchy string purchased from Wal-Mart & Michael's.
We hope you enjoy our new FREEBIE!

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