Peep In A Jeep

A New Book Set~Peep In A Jeep

Check out our new book set! We have taken a favorite story of our students' and piggybacked it to create a new adventure about Peep in a jeep.
The Peep are off to gather eggs and their jeep suddenly stops.
They go ask their friends (sheep, little hen, and bunny) for help.
Bunny finally tells them it just needs more gas!
In the end, the Peep finally get to hunt for their eggs.
Our Book Set has a Rhyming Big Book (Color Version), a Mini-Book Easy Reader (B & W Version), and a -eep & -eap Rhyming Words Recording Page.
Our Book Set covers many Common Core Standards for K-2 Grades:
rhyming, sight words, reading with expression, punctuation, comparing & contrasting with the original story, and contractions!
Your students will fall in love with this funny new version!!!

Click the pic to check it out at 2 Super Teachers on TPT♥♥♥



  1. Just stumbled across your blog. My students will love the peep book! Love the idea of multi-age teaching (haven't done it yet). I will follow you to check out more of your creative ideas.
    Kathy's First Grade Adventure

    1. Oh yay! Thank you Kathy for the sweet comment! It's nice to meet you. We would love to hear your feedback about our peep book after you introduce it to your kiddos. We look forward to following you as well.

      Happy Easter~
      Victoria & Tricia♥