Fact Families Freebie!!!

Our 1-2 multi-age kiddies LOVE building Fact Familes with these triangle flashcards and snapcubes. They record their number sentences on the recording sheets. We practice, practice, practice before putting them out at Math Stations.
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Dancin' On The Ceiling

After learning about how shadows are made and celebrating Groundhog's Day,
we made sillouettes and hung them on the ceiling.
Our class made portraits on yellow construction paper and cut them out.
We traced them onto black and cut them out to create their shadows!

Base Ten Buddies

Common Core Aligned: 1.NBT.1
I Can...read, write, count, and show numbers 1-120.
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Making Words With Magic e!

New Making Words Mats

Your students will become confident with long vowels as they practice changing short vowel words into long vowel words with Magic e!

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Snap The Beat~Syllable Sorting

Super Fun Snapping Syllables Sorting Mats

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Everything's A Dollar!!!

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We're Goin' On A Shadow Hunt

A Big THANK YOU to Miss Kindergarten Love!!!

We made our predictions on whether George the Groundhog would see his shadow or not. 
We graphed our predictions and then went hunting for our shadows.
We had so much fun!

Building Block Letter Tiles

Our new Building Blocks Letter Tiles can be used for SO many different activities!
Upper & Lower Case Matching
RTI Small Group Work
Making Words
Word Work Activities
Literacy Centers
CVC Word Building
Onset & Rimes
Word Families
Small Writing Groups
And the list goes on and on...

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George and Abe Easy Readers

2 For A $1.00

We made these Easy Readers a few years ago but have recently updated our graphics. They are perfect for integrating Common Core Social Studies while teaching students to read and build fluency!

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