Another Fairytale FREEBIE!

We used this double-bubble to compare two different versions of Hansel and by Adrienne Adams and the other by James Marshall. This is a common core aligned activity. You can click the picture to print for FREE!

Our Winter Program

We were SO excited when we heard that our 1st & 2nd graders were going to sing at our school Winter Program together this year. (usually 2nd and 3rd graders perform at this program) So we practiced and practiced and practiced some more! Then we rehearsed for 2 hours the day before at 12:30 in the aftersoon...yes in the afternoon, with 15 classes of 1st and 2nd graders. They were singing about Santa Clause and asking "How many days until Christmas", every 5 minutes. (precious bouncing bundles of joy) We weren't really sure how it was going to turn out...but when the program started, our kiddos sang like angels. It was absolutely beautiful!!! Everyone in our school, complimented us. Some of our upper grade classes even made us a compliment poster and posted it in our hall.
We are so proud of our class!!!