Dear Cat in the Hat...

Last Friday, we read Cat in the Hat while celebrating Dr. Seuss' Birthday. Then had a discussion about how Dr. Seuss isn't Cat in the Hat...that is was a real person. We read about him and how his mother told him silly rhymes while he was growing up. His mother's rhymes inspried him and this is what lead him into becoming the famous author he is today. Our students completed a writing frame that was in letter form to "Cat in the Hat". We brainstormed adjectives and possible phrases that would make sense in the blanks as a whole group before beginning. When our students completed their letters, they used construction paper to create their own Cat in the Hat characters. We had a great day celebrating this wonderful author! Click this link to print our writing frame for FREE! Dear Cat in the Hat~

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  1. Really enjoyed the Dr Seuss night at Kendell Whittier Thank you to both of you for making it such a wonderful event! Looking forward to more vents like this one.....The Stone Family