President's Day

Our class made presidents using photos of their faces. They cut construciton paper to create the body and the flags. Then they completed a writing frame about what they would do if they were a president.

Valentine Bear Glyph

Today we made Valentine Bear Glyphs with our class. Everyone started by making a red heart with construction paper. They used this heart for the head by turning it upside down. Then they glued it to a red circle for the body. Next everyone made red paws and ears. They all added pink hearts to the paws and ears. Then they made a pink tummy. Finally they created the face by using the glyph questions. After our bears dried, we sorted them into different groups using our glyph chart: girls/boys, hard candy/chocolate, favorite color red?, best friend in our class or school?

Rebus Valentines

Our class had SO much fun making Valentines to send home using these rebus pictures we printed for them. You can do this activity whole group or put it out at centers. Happy Valentine's Day♥♥♥

Click this link to download and print our rebus pictures. Valentine Rebus Pictures

Who Are You?

Years ago, we were given this file by a retiring teacher. We have updated it a bit and hope you find it useful in your classroom. We mounted the characters onto posterboard and laminated them. Then posted them in our room for a visual reminder about behavior. We also cut and glued the pictures and text onto posterboard and laminated them to make a big book. Our kiddos ask us to reread Who Are You? all the time...they LOVE it! . Click this link to print your own copy for FREE! Who Are You?