Draw A Rhyme

This activity is SO fun! You can do this in a whole or small group setting. Read our Snowman Rhyme. Fill in the missing rhyming words in the blanks. Draw each part of your snowman as you read the rhyme. Then color, cut-n-glue your rhyme and snowman to a piece of construction paper.We have written many Draw A Rhyme Poems. We hope to have the rest of them posted to our TPT store very soon! But for now...click below and enjoy using this one with your students for free. Draw A Rhyme~Snowman Poem

The Three Snow Bears

Our students completed an igloo graphic organizer to retell the story The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett. They cut and glued their igloo onto construction paper. Then they illustrated the story in the border...like Jan Brett! Click this link to download our igloo graphic organizer.
The Three Snow Bears

Snowman Brace Maps

Our class has recently been learning about various "Thinking Maps". Today we introduced our 5th one...The Brace Map. This map is used for analysis of whole to part relationships. Our students loved creating Snowman and then labeling the parts!